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Author, Admin and Editor of Chartered Accountants Corner) is a CA Student from Hyderabad, done his Articleship from Ramanatham & Rao, Loves Blogging on Taxation

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Application Form for Registration to Common Proficiency Test Course (Registration form for CPT Course)


PCC Form for Conversion to IPCC

1. PCE -Course Registration Discontinued IPCC Conversion Form (Form for PCC students to convert to IPCC) - Download

CPT Syllabus


Section – A Fundamentals of Accounting:

(I) Theoretical Framework

  1. Meaning and Scope of accounting
  2. Accounting Concepts, Principles and Conventions
  3. Accounting Standards – concepts, objectives, benefits
  4. Accounting Policies
  5. Accounting as a measurement discipline – valuation principles, accounting estimates

(II) Accounting Process

Books of Accounts leading to the preparation of Trial Balance, Capital and revenue expenditures,Capital and revenue Continue Reading

PE-II Conversion Form

1. PE II -Course Registration Discontinued IPCC Conversion Form (Form for Intermediate/PE-II students to convert to IPCC) - Download

IPCC Forms for Registration, Re-registration, deed of Articles, Conversion


Integrated Professional Competence Course[IPCC]

1. IPCC-Registration and IPCC Re-Registration Forms - Download 2. Conversion Form from PCC to IPCC - Download 3. Application Form for Information Technology Training (ITT) - Download 4. Deed of Articles and Registration Form (Form 102 and Form 103) - Download
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