Due to the Increasing Enrollments of Students into Chartered Accountants Course from various Parts of India, ICAI came out with the setting up of new Students Associations to spread to all Populated Towns to make CA Students Participate and feel that they belong to this fraternity Called CA.

ICAI Has Released an Announcement on New SICASA & EICASA Branches, and said that it is Pleased to announce that the new branches of South India Chartered Accountants Students’ Associations (SICASA) at  Bellary, Erode, Kumbakonam, Kakinada, Pondicherry, Rajamahendravaram, Tuticorin, Tirupati, Tirupur, Tirunelveli and Vellore and Samabalpur Branch of East India Chartered Accountants Students’ Associations (EICASA) with effect from 20th of April 2011


The New Branches shall be known as follow:

  1. Bellary Branch of SICASA,
  2. Erode Branch of SICASA,
  3. Kumbakonam Branch of SICASA,
  4. Kakinada Branch of SICASA,
  5. Pondicherry Branch of SICASA ,
  6. Rajamahendravaram Branch of SICASA ,
  7. Tuticorin Branch of SICASA ,
  8. Tirupati Branch of SICASA ,
  9. Tirupur Branch of SICASA ,
  10. Tirunelveli Branch of SICASA
  11. Vellore Branch of SICASA and
  12. Samabalpur Branch of EICASA

(Sorry guys to list out the Names of all the Branches, which are abviously known to all when I said the List of Towns, but ICAI announcement contains this list, What will be Tirupati’s SICASA Branch known as, it will be known as TIRUPATHI BRANCH OF SICASA, But its a LEGAL LANGUAGE ?? Yes :-) )