Source: ICAI

  • First Rank collectively bagged by
    • CHETLUR RAVI SUDARSHAN from Tiruathi and
    • RAHUL AGARWAL from Hyderabad,
  • Second Rank went to ABHINAV SANDEEP GADIA from Mumbai and
  • Third Rank was again bagged by 3 Candidates
    • SAMA SAI SARATH from Guntur,
    • PAVAN KUMAR G N from Guntur as well &
    • SIDDHARTH MITTAL from Amritsar.

Yet again, 4 Boys from Andhra Pradesh have bagged the Ranks in Top 3, This has been a trend (in CPT) for last 3 to 4 years because of the Increasing Competition and Growing awareness of Chartered Accountants Course in Andhra Pradesh and added to it there is a Penetrative Advertising Campaigns by Many CA Institutes like Tapasya Academy, Superwhizz, Central Academy, Digvijay Coaching Center, CMS and other TOP CA Institutes which are able to attract both Parents as well as Students to take-up CA Course.